Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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Leaking pool pump

We supply anything from a simple O-ring to a complete pump, filter or multiport valve repair kit.

Got a leaking pump? We specialise in parts for Hayward Pumps, Sta-Rite Pumps and Emaux/Mega Pumps but can supply seals for most popular pumps.

Leaking multiport valve

We supply the O-rings and gaskets  including the spider gasket for Hayward , Emaux , Mega, Midas and Praher multiport valves.

If your pump or valve is not listed , please contact us on with any details you have on the pump, filter or valve and we will come back with the part no and price if we can trace it.

Delivery charges

Delivery is  by  Royal Mail 1st Class Post for the UK and Via Air Mail for overseas orders.

Our charge for delivery is £3.75 per order anywhere in the E.U.


We accept the return of unused  goods within 60 days of the date of purchase for a full refund excluding the delivery charges .


We are not VAT registered so our prices are as shown on the various pages.

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