Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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The PPS-501 seal used on Aquatron pumps is considerably more expensive than a standard seal.

However it is a standard PPS-200 seal with a spacer. If your rubber spacer is in good condition, you can simply use a PPS-200, remove the small rubber end and use your existing spacer. If your rubber end spacer is in poor condition , then order the A 11 spacer.

Common rotating ends to both PPS-501 and PPS-200

Common ceramic ends  to both PPS-501 and PPS-200

The PPS-200 rubber end

 The PPS-501 rubber spacer  end

PPS-200 rubber end and

Spacer Part No A 11


PPS-501 rubber end spacer


PPS-200 Shaft Seal


PPS-200 Shaft Seal and A11 spacer


Aquatron shaft seal

Go Kit 33 with PPS-200


With PPS-200 Shaft seal and A 11 spacer