Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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We supply the Viton O-rings needed for the harsh enviroment of chlorinators

The PPS-V0 costs £13.95 and replaces Hayward Part No.CLX 100K

The PPS-V1 costs £14.75 and replaces Hayward Part No.CLX 200K      


PPS-V1 Hayward CL200/220 Chlorinator O-ring

Hayward Chlorinator O-rings

Delivery charges Delivery is  by  Royal Mail 1st Class Post for the UK and Via Air Mail for overseas orders.

Our charge for delivery is £3.75 per order anywhere in the E.U.

VAT We are not VAT registered so our prices are as shown on the various pages.


PPS-V0 Hayward  CL100/110 Chlorinator O-ring

Download Hayward CL100K and 200K manual View Hayward Chlorinator O-ring replacement video