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710 6 port Spider gasket 6 leg


710X  6 port Spider gasket 5 leg


Rotor o-ring no Teflon washer


710 cover o-ring

Hayward 710 Plastic Handle washer


Sight glass gasket


Silicone grease 14ml


Hayward 710 Series 

(710,711,712 ) 1.5"  valves can have either 6 legged spider gaskets or 5 legged spider gaskets, depending on their date of manufacture. All valves have 6 port positions.

The valves using the 5 legged spider gasket should have an X after the number. (710X,711X,712X).

If you are uncertain ,then you can order the 6 legged spider gasket and remove a leg if necessary.

The 714 valve does not have a separate spider gasket.


You can choose either a 5 legged kit or a 6 legged kit , again if you are in doubt , please order the 6 legged kit and remove a leg if necessary.

The kits contain ;

Either a 5 or 6 legged gasket

Plastic handle washer

Cover o-ring

Rotor Teflon washer and o-ring *

Sight glass gasket

 * The 6 legged kit has both sizes of rotor o-ring

and Teflon washers. The smaller diameter is for

The 710 valve and the other for the 710X

Vkit 710 with 6 legged gasket


Vkit 710X with 5 legged gasket


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Hayward 710 Multiport valve spare parts

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We recommend the use of silicone grease to bed in the spider gasket rather than adhesive.

For 710 X valves

Rotor teflon washer and o-ring


For 710 valves

Sight glass c/w gasket


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Not sure which Hayward valve you have ?

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Hayward 710 Multiport valve spare parts

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How to replace a Hayward spider gasket

Temporarily out of stock of the 710X Teflon washer. Prices of kits reduced