Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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Pool Pump O-rings and gaskets

Pumps generally have a lid, body and diffuser O-ring or gasket.

We stock the gaskets and O-rings  for Emaux, Hayward , Jacuzzi ,Mega Sta Rite and Aquatron pumps .

In addition we stock a range of O-rings for most popular U.S. made pumps.

If you email us with the maker and model , we can then look up the size used on the database.

If your pump is not listed and it uses a round ‘O’ ring then please give us the internal diameter needed .

You  can either measure the part the O-ring goes around or use a piece of string around the position for the o-ring  to establish the circumference which we can convert into an I.D.

In addition we need to know the diameter of the the cord. For most pumps this will be an imperial size but converted to mm. Some European and Chinese pumps use mm sized O-rings.

We will then come back with a quote .Please contact

Filters and multiport valves also have O-rings and gaskets


O-Ring thickness for round section only

O-ring Internal Diameter

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