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If your Sta-Rite 5P2R pump was fitted before 1998 then you can order the PS-100,unless the copper insert has already been removed. If your pump was fitted after 1998 there is a possibility that it was made before 1998. The physical difference is that pre 1998 models have a copper cone into which part of the seal fits and later models do not. To order  use PPS-100 for pre 1998 with the cone still fitted. For non cone pumps, please order PPS-200 and if you are unsure which you need , please select PPS-100/200 This kit will have both options in it .

If the cone is in place but damaged, then remove it and use the PPS-200.

PPS-100 Shaft Seal

PPS-200 Shaft Seal

SRO-003 Lid O-ring



5P2R PPS-100 Shaft Seal

and lid o-ring


5P2R PPS-200 Shaft Seal and lid o-ring

Special offer, save £4.75!

Buy the Sta-Rite 5P2R Shaft seal and lid O-ring for £19.75 instead of the list price of £24.50 . For the 100/200 seal , pay £25.75 instead of £30.50.

Sta-Rite special offers

5P2R PPS-100/200 Shaft Seal and lid o-ring


Delivery charges Delivery is  by  Royal Mail 1st Class Post for the UK and via Air Mail for overseas orders.

Our charge for delivery is £3.75 per order anywhere in the E.U.

VAT We are not VAT registered so our prices are as shown on the various pages.

Sta-Rite 5P2R Shaft Seal and Lid O-ring special offer


Emaux Mega 2" valve parts


Sta-Rite 5P2R O-ring set . Lid, clamp and diffuser.

Special offer save £3.25!

Lid O-ring Clamp O-ring and Diffuser O-ring £11.00 instead of £14.25.

5P2R O-ring set






X 2

Sta-Rite 5P2R  2 x Lid O-rings

Special offer save £1.50 Buy 2 lid O-rings for £8 instead of £9.50

2 x 5P2R  Lid O-rings




PPS-100 /200 Shaft Seal

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