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Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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We supply the Viton O-rings needed for the harsh environment in chlorinators.  It is also possible to buy the standard rubber version NBR and these are cheaper but will not last as long. Whichever quality of rubber you choose , silicone grease on the O-ring will extend its life .

The PPS-V100 replaces Hayward Part No.CLX 100K

The PPS-V1 costs £14.75 and replaces Hayward Part No.CLX 200K      

Hayward Chlorinator and Chemical Feeder O-rings


PPS-V100 Hayward  100/110  Viton Lid O-ring

View Hayward Chlorinator O-ring replacement video

The PPS-V200 replaces Hayward Part No.CLX 200K

The PPS-V1 costs £14.75 and replaces Hayward Part No.CLX 200K      

Models C250CF C500CF C1100CF C1800CF Diagram

Hayward Chemical Feeders C250CF C500CF C1100CF C1800CF


Viton Lid O-ring


Item: 2 . V-250 vV250

Item: 6  . V-2560

Viton Drain plug O-ring


Hayward CL200/220 Chlorinator Viton  O-ring

Hayward 100 and 110 Chlorinators

Hayward 200  and 220 Chlorinators

The V-250 replaces Hayward part No. SPX3000SV

The V-2560 replaces Hayward part No. SPX060572V


Click here for Hayward manual

Silicone grease 7ml



Hayward CL200/220 Chlorinator NBR  O-ring


Hayward 100-110  Chlorinator NBR O-ring