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Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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We can  supply a Midas refurb. kit Vkit-333 consisting of;

E3 Plastic Handle washer

E7 Cover O-ring

E10 Shaft O-rings (2)

E12 Spider gasket

E15 Sight glass gasket

Please note that the

Kit does not include

The sight glass.

Midas/Praher /Lacron1.5” multiport  valves excluding the Praher Ocean V6 made after 2009 see below.

E10 -2 Rotor O-rings





E12 -Midas Spider gasket



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Midas/Praher/Lacron 1.5” multiport valves

View video on spider gasket replacement

Silicone grease 14ml



We recommend the use of silicone grease to bed in the spider gasket rather than adhesive.


710 6 port Spider gasket 6 leg

The body includes parts E12,E13,E15 ,Please note this is the 310-3T Body

E15 -Sight glass gasket

Please Note.

The spider gasket does not fit the Praher Ocean V6 1.5” multiport valve made from 2009. This has a combined rotor and spider gasket. It does fit standard Praher V6 1.5” valves where the gasket is set in the body

Please  note that it is quite common for Midas tops to be fitted on Hayward bodies, as Midas tops are much cheaper. This may cause a problem with the  spider gasket . Please check the body for any marks which would show that it is a Hayward 710 rather than a 710X which uses the same spider gasket as the Midas. If you are unsure ,please order a 6 legged gasket which can be modified to 5 legs if necessary.

If it is simply a Hayward 710 this uses a 6 legged spider gasket which can be ordered here.

Check my valve size

We do not stock parts for the Midas 2” valve

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Praher Ocean V6 Combined rotor and spider. Made from 2009

Praher Ocean V6 made before 2009 with the spider inset in the body

E7 Midas cover O-ring


E3 Midas handle washer