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Supplier of seals for leaking pumps, filters and multiport valves.

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Lacron/Waterco side mount sand filter O-ring

 8" Lacron Lid O-ring

Part No 621053 (L6011)

Item 12

8" Lid O-ring

Silicone grease

Hayward Filter O-rings Hayward filter parts Sta-Rite Filter parts

Lacron/Waterco side mount sand filter O-ring

Fits 16”, 18”, 24”,30” ,36” and 42”Filters. Please check the cap of 16” and 18” filters as some older filters were fitted with a 6” cap and therefore need a 6” O-ring, part no W02068.

Lacron 6"  lid O-ring


Item 4:

Part No W02068.




2 x 6" Lacron O-ring special


2 x 8" Lacron O-ring special

Tagelus TA sand filter O-rings Tagelus filter O-rings

Buy 2 O-rings for just £8.00 plus £3.75 P&P