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Before starting any work on the pump,filter or valve you must turn off the electricity and then release the pressure in the system by moving the Multiport Valve handle to the Waste position.

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Ver 04

Sta-Rite 5P2R Part

Maker’s Part No.

PPS Part No.


Shaft Seal after 1998




Diffuser O-ring



£2.75 *

Lid O-ring



£6.75 *

Clamp O-ring



£9.75 *

Strainer gasket




Water slinger




Drain plug O-rings


£2.45 *

Silicone grease 7ml



Go Kit 066 above parts with PPS-200 seal



Sta-Rite Dyna Glas

PPS-200 Shaft Seal


Inc free  slinger washer



Sta-Rite 5P2R Diffuser O-ring

Sta-Rite 5P2R  pump spare parts

Sta-Rite 5P2R Slinger washer

Sta-Rite 5P2R Clamp O-ring


Fitting instructions for Sta-Rite 5P2R shaft seal.

Your manual supplied with the pump deals with the fitting of shaft seals.

If you do not have a copy you can download a copy here.

In addition, there are videos available on line which are very helpful . Please note that the pump has a different name in the US.

Download Sta-Rite 5P2R manual
Sta-Rite 5P4R/6R parts Sta-Rite Dyna Glas parts


Pre 1998  5P2R pumps had a cone into which a smaller shaft seal fitted. Later models simply removed the cone and used the larger PPS 200 seal.The best solution is to buy the latest seal and remove the cone if present..

Help with pump leaks

2 x Drain plug O-ring


Or just get the set of O-rings for £17.70

Sta-Rite 5P2R Strainer gasket


Sta-Rite 5P4R Pump and valve leaks Not sure which Sta-Rite pump you have go to this page

Sta-Rite 5P2R Lid O-ring


Help on diagnosing leaking part Shaft seal special offer  O-ring special offer

7ml Silicone Grease



Buy all O-rings marked “*” for £17.70 saving £4.00

View cone removal  explanation video

You now have a choice of service kits for the Sta-Rite 5P2R.

Kit 066 includes all the parts listed above plus an extra Lid O-ring. Why an extra Lid O-ring? This part is the most likely to show signs of wear and tear as it is being removed frequently to empty the strainer basket.

Kit 066X  is minus the square strainer gasket but includes all other  parts plus an extra Lid O-ring on the 066X. Kit 066XX has no strainer gasket or extra lid O-ring


PPS-066 with PPS-200


Kit 066X no strainer gasket

Sta-Rite 5P1R parts


Sta-Rite 5P2R

Sta-Rite 5P2R spare parts

Set of 5P2R O-rings


5P2R Set of 5 O-rings

Buy the Clamp O-ring £9.75 , the Lid O-ring £6.75  the Diffuser O-ring £2.75  and two Drain plug O-rings £2.45 a total of £21.70 for only £17.70, a saving of £4.00


PPS-066XX no gasket or extra  lid O-ring

Also marketed as Sta Rite Dura Glas and Max E Glas

Sta-Rite 5P2R Pair Lid O-rings


Click here to buy Shaft seal and get a lid O-ring for £2.00 instead of £6.75