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Pool pump, valve and filter leaks

Symptom pump

Possible solution

Repair information

Air in return

Replace strainer O-ring or gasket

Leak from pump body

Replace body O-ring or gasket

Leak from pump/motor joint

Replace  shaft seal

Low pressure/slow to prime

Replace diffuser O-ring or gasket

Symptom valve

Possible solution

Leak around handle

Replace rotor O-rings

Leak from cover body joint

Replace Cover O-ring

Water leaking to  waste

Replace spider gasket

Symptom filter or Chlorinator

Possible solution

Leak from body

Replace O-ring

Shaft  seal replacement video  Spider gasket replacement video Shaft seals by pump maker Body and diffuser gasket replacement video



Strainer O-ring/gasket replacement video Sta-Rite pump parts Hayward  pump parts Hayward 710 valve parts Mega Emaux pump & valve parts
Hayward Chlorinator O-rings Replace filter O-ring video Replace Hayward Chlorinator O-ring

Please note

The video links are provided as a general guide only to the procedure . You should check the workshop manual for your actual pump and follow the procedure  suggested by the maker. We have links on site to various maker’s manuals if you cannot trace  your copy.

Hayward pump valve and filter parts Hayward 1.5" Multiport valve parts Hayward Chlorinator O-rings  Sta-Rite pump and filter parts Mega/Emaux pump and valve parts Midas/Praher Multiport valves